Police Reports

Since members of the Clemente family, their friends, associates, and others began harassing the Krlich family in 2008, Rick Krlich has filed hundreds of police reports. Some of the reports led to charges being filed, others were ignored, and many were used as evidence in hearings that led to the issuance of civil protection orders against the people who tormented the Krlich’s morning, noon, and night.

Viewed in total, the reports reproduced on this page do one thing: they provide irrefutable proof of the attacks against the Krlich family and the indifference of the public officials who should have long ago stepped in to protect a law abiding citizen.

April 14 and 20 – Names of hornblowers turned over to police

Cummings complaint – Girard Court

Comstock letters and incident reports

Complaints with license numbers

Clemente complaint 3-16-09

Chuey Report

Chad Smith

Dan Whorten Report 12-25-10

Early 2011 horn blowing reports

Girard complaint against Mike Clemente

Girard complaint against Wittkugle

Girard complaint Silvidi

Girard Criss Clemente complaint

Girard Cummings complaint

Girard EZlife complaint

Girard James Wynne complaint

Girard Jared Clemente complaint

Girard Jerome Crowe complaint

Girard Josh Wilson complaint

Girard Lauren Miller complaint

Girard Michael Lynch complaint

Girard motorcycle complaint

Girard Nick Bruce complaint

Girard Nick Bruce complaint (#2)

Girard Palestro complaint

Girard Ryan Hamareck complaint

Incident reports filed Aug 24 thru 29

Jan 9, 2011 report

Jan 2011 officer failure to respond

Jared Clemente full reports file

License plate numbers given to police

Officer stop, Conner citation 1.14.11

Palestro 7.27.10

Request for Walker restraining order

Silvidi dismissal

Variety of 2011 complaints

Watson arrest report

Watson arrest report (#2)

Dan Whorten report 12/25/10

Wilson report 7/11/10

Wilson report 8/24/09

Girard complaint against Daniels

Girard – Bill Williams complaint

Various police reports

3/2/12 Police Report

3/3/12 Police Report

3/5/12 Police Report

3/12/12 Police Report

3/14/12 Police Report

3/17/12 Police Report

3/24/12 Police Report

3/31/12 Police Report

3/31/12 Police Report

4/1/12 Police Report

4/8/12 Police Report

4/9/12 Police Report

4/12/12 Police Report

4/17/12 Police Report

4/19/12 Police Report

4/21/12 Police Report

4/22/12 Police Report

4/29/12 Police Report

4/29/12 Police Report

4/30/12 Police Report

4/30/12 Police Report

4/30/12 Police Report