Civil Protection Orders

Because law enforcement, prosecutors, and elected officials have, for the most part, failed to protect him and his family from the round-the-clock torment he’s been subjected to for years, Rick Krlich has sought and received Civil Protection Orders in Trumbull County Common Pleas Court. When granted by the Court, the CPOs order the offenders to stay away from the Krilich’s home for a specified length of time.

The documents related to these cases, including the statements of those who harassed him and the comments of the judges and magistrates who issued the CPOs, paint a clear picture of the disturbing events that have been occurring for far too long on Creed and Liberty streets in Hubbard, Ohio.

Matthew Shelton: 5 years
Glenn Reed: 5 years
Edward Palestro: 2 years
Lauren Miller: 5 years
Ray Fenton: 2 years
John Nittoli: 5 years
Joe Takash: 5 years
Nick Bruce: 2 years
Rich Wittkugle: 5 years
Joshua Wilson: 1 year
Mark Silvidi CPO
Ron Duez: 5 years
James Wynne: Warned by Magistrate
Nancy Grega
Scott Walker
Robert A. Powell: 5 years